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USB Data cable Voice Recorder
USB Data cable Voice Recorder
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product Details:

 Note: if the memory card is full, you need to export the stored files or clear the memory card file. The memory card is full, and the machine will not react. (8GB memory card, about 5 days of audio files.)

1. Recording: USB connection power, about 5 seconds blue light flashing three off, on behalf of into the recording mode. (Note: Make sure to insert TF memory card before recording)

2. Read the file: the data cable directly connected to the computer, into the recording mode, read the memory card file, you need to press the button, press the end of about 5 to 8 seconds the computer will pop up removable disk.

3. Data line to read the phone disk: the data line does not install TF memory card, connect the computer can read the phone disk.

4. while charging side of the recording: the data line can be charged to the side of the phone, while recording

Note: In the recording state, if the environment without any sound issued, the recorded audio noise at the end of the current is a normal phenomenon

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